A little about me

What do you do when you feel helpless? 

For me, this year has been a whirlwind of introspection for my personal life as well as trying to figure out how to help the Earth, the people, the animals... If what the news stories and scientists say about the next few years determining the future of our home, planet Earth, I want to be proactive in my own way.

I don't expect to have a bunch of followers or to write things that others agree with all the time. I am writing here to provide a resource for others like me to inspire each other to do more, to share tips on how to minimize our environmental impact, to provide information on environmental actions we can take and provide some positive stories. 

A little about me. I grew up in Colorado and still live in the area. I spent most of my childhood vacations traveling through the United States, Mexico and parts of Europe. I love the outdoors, I love animals and I care a good deal about others even if I prefer to be introverted. 

You won't find me on social media, I gave that up because I felt it wasn't the healthiest way to connect with others. I tell friends now to call, text or write - better yet visit. I feel the loss of our connection with nature has lead us to this place of great environmental concern and I feel eventually our reliance on social media to connect could cause even more issues. 

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