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To start I stumbled on this article this morning from the Los Angeles Times about the possibility of Amazon deliveries to National Parks, Food Trucks and WiFi more readily available to cater to a younger generation. Oh yea, also, no more Senior Discounts... Really?

Here is the link to the article: "Trump team has a plan for national parks: Amazon, food trucks and no senior discounts"

This saddens me to no end as the main reason to go to National Parks is to BE IN NATURE. I am just baffle that people live in such an electronic, tech, wifi world that they can't stand to be alone with themselves or find out anything REAL about themselves.

I could go on and on. All we can do is be educated and push back against such things. If it meant keeping National Parks safe from oil drilling & mining and protected wildlife then I'd rather see food trucks, but Amazon deliveries... I just can't. Just stop WANTING and NEEDING endless stuff people.

On that note, here is this inspiring video of a woman who lived frugally on her salary and saved $22k. She found life so much more enjoyable by DOING things that were FREE, she even went on holiday on her bicycle and had a great time. As she says, we have a responsibility to be wise with our money. We can be debt free, we can travel, we can do numerous things if we stop seeing consumerism as a solution.

Here is the simple fact, if you aren't happy no amount of STUFF will ever make you happy, nor drugs, alcohol, partners, etc. YOU have to go and DO THE WORK.

Yes this post was a rant, I apologize because this is me and my outlook, it doesn't have to be yours. I just encourage people to be in nature, smell the desert after a rain storm, be amazed by an eagle flying over the river in the crisp morning air on your drive to work. Be in nature, sweat, try, fail and succeed from your failure!

To end here is some inspiration to just go for it! This guy rode 20k miles on his Honda 105cc motorbike and $2k in his pocket.

Here are his 5 lessons learned