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Happy Friday

It's Friday, yay! This morning I am enjoying a cup of coffee and looking for some positive stories.

To start I wanted to share this video of a sweet 6-legged puppy, she was born with 2 extra front legs and the breeder had considered putting her down. Luckily she found a sweet and loving home! I love these kinds of stories, they make my heart melt.

I am not a fan of social media or selfies, however, this story on the Good News Network about how tourist selfies protecting the Quokka is really positive and the selfies are pretty adorable. (Quokka pic below from Natalie Su on Unsplash)

To end today's post I wanted to share the below story from New Scientist of fish singing at dawn. It's sounds pretty cool, makes me want to go snorkel at dawn and see if I could hear some fish songs.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!