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In Gora Documentary

Last night I found this documentary called In Gora. A couple, Val & Tim, create an "Adventure Hostel on Wheels" and take pro skiers and snowboarders from Belgium to Bulgaria and back to Montenegro. The cinematography, the riding and the story of connecting with others is really well done; they also talk about the environment, offsetting the carbon footprint of the bus and consumerism.

There was a quote during the documentary where they are shopping for food that I felt was dead on:

"Think of consumerism as something very powerful. Every time you buy a product you encourage the company that made it to produce more of it. So buy the things you think are important to contribute to a better future and you will see the world change in front of your own eyes."

Here is the link to the full movie on YouTube, also check out info on the documentary on Picture Organic Clothing here.

The cover picture for this blog post by Gilles Pfeiffer on Unsplash