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This year has been one of the more challenging years I have faced as an adult. I have faced some deep personal challenges in my life and it has made life feel very fragile. I have had to work hard to filter through all the news on the environment, political issues and social media debates. I have been working hard daily to find the beauty in little moments. Sometimes like today while walking to get coffee I heard a women randomly yelling out of her truck and feel like it is easy for us to get to the "had it" point.

So positivity... once a week I am going to search the world wide web and look for inspiring and beautiful stories to help bring us something that inspires and gives hope.

Today being the creation of this blog I searched and found the Good News Network a site I didn't know existed until now. I scrolled through and found this inspiring story of a grandson, Brad Ryan, who takes his grandmother, who has never seen the mountains or the ocean, on roadtrips to see all the places she has never been before. It truly warmed my heart to read the quote from WJLA where he said “Seeing it through my grandmother’s eyes, who every morning wakes up and is thankful to be alive, has taught me how to live.”

I think that little tidbits like this can really open our hearts and hopefully inspire us to live more passionately each day.

Thank you for reading!