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The Subtleties of Awareness

After my few posts on microplastics and my continued personal research I have noticed a shift in my buying practices. Today I requested a baked item from a cafe, they placed it in a single use hard plastic container. I stared blankly at the container as she placed my food into it and handed it to me. In my mind I could only think that the time to gather the resources and make that plastic container that's useful life would be 15 minutes, greatly bothered me.

In the grocery stores I feel like when I really look at items and their packaging all I see is plastic. The other day we went to purchase apple juice, last year it came in small glass containers, this year the item was now in plastic containers... we reuse our glass containers for bulk food storage, leftovers and drinks. Plastic - well, it is full of chemicals that leach into our food. Also most of the plastic containers available you don't want to reuse.

We have made a conscious shift to not buy items in plastic containers unless we absolutely have to. After today's experience with the 15 minute useful life of my hard plastic container from the bakery to my work, I will most likely start carrying my own reusable containers. Let's face it there is room in my bag that carries a book, a kindle, my water bottle and random herbs and tinctures.

I hope that as you all go through out your days you can bring awareness to areas that bother you and find your own solutions to better the situation. We are all affected by each others choices and instead of being upset at each other we can do our best to make our situation better. Awareness in each moment can turn the world into a different place.

I have been working as well to not buy from stores out of my town, especially Amazon which I see as a large Walmart online. The link I am sharing is one from a environmentally friendly company that offers solutions to single use plastics. This is the type of container I will be carrying with me from now. Click the picture to get your own.

(Note: I do not receive anything for promoting this item on my site)